OSAA Registration Instructions

These instructions with screenshots are to help guide you through the registration process with OSAA

  1. Register with the OSAA via the ArbiterSports website, https://osaa.arbitersports.com/

    As of early August 2021, there are problems with the ArbiterSports web site. OSAA and Arbiter are investigating.
    If you do not already have an account on the site, you will not be able to create one yourself. Please email Kevin and include your full name and your email address.
    We will forward that on to OSAA and they will manually create an account for you. When you receive a "Welcome to Arbiter" email, click on the included link and then
    use the
    blue "Forgot password?" link to create a password. Then you can continue with these steps below.

    1. OSAA Central Hub on ArbiterSports

    2. Click on the Oregon State seal, which will take you to the ArbiterSports Registration Dashboard.

      ArbiterSports Registration Dashboard for OSAA

      NOTE (as of August 2021): Some people have been having problems getting the Registration Dashboard to load. OSAA and Arbiter are currently investigating.
      If you do not see the Registration Dashboard as shown above, but instead a mostly blank page, please try the following steps:
      1. Press the back button on your browser to return to the previous page, then sign in to Arbiter with your email address and password and try again.
      2. If that doesn't work, try using a different web browser or computer. Google Chrome seems to work most of the time.
      3. Please email Kevin at misoa@kwatts.com and let him know that you had problems, and whether you were able to proceed. Please include whatever information you have that might help (computer operating system and web browser)

    3. Click on the blue “Register” button on the right. This will bring up a prompt dialog. Enter your email address and click “Continue”. This will take you to the sign in page.

      Do you have an Arbiter account?

      ArbiterSports Sign In dialog

      Use the blue "Forgot password?" link if needed.
    4. If you do NOT have an account on ArbiterSports (you should if you have refereed HS soccer in Oregon in the past few years), click the blue "Create one" link and sign up for one.

    5. Once you have signed in, you should be take to a page titled “2021-22 OSAA Registration (OR Local Assoc)”. Work through the steps by clicking the blue Next button in the upper right.

      OSAA Registration Welcome message

      • Welcome message from OSAA Executive Director Peter Weber. Click the blue Next button.

      • Sports: select Soccer. Click the blue Next button.

      • Personal Info: enter/verify/update as necessary. Click the blue Next button.

      • Questions: answer a few general questions here. Click the blue Next button.

      • B.G. Consent: read and accept the background check consent forms. Click the blue Next button.

      • Associations: be sure to select MISOA! Click the blue Next button.

      • Payment: verify the summary info and click “Check out” to pay the $67 fee by VISA/MasterCard/Discover. Click the blue Next button.

      • Review.

  1. Once you have registered, OSAA will mail you a packet containing your badge and rule book; you will receive an email with mail tracking info when it is mailed out. You will also be sent an email from nfhs.org titled “NFHS Rules App Subscriptions”, giving you access to a digital version of the rules using the NFHS Rules App on Android or iPhone.

  1. After paying for your OSAA registration, you will be taken to the eligibility dashboard.

  2. Take the required concussion training.
    Scroll to the bottom and you will find links to the concussion training, available in English or Spanish. Click on the appropriate “Take Online Clinic” link to take the training, which should take you less than 10 minutes. Once complete, you will be sent a confirmation email and your dashboard will be updated with green checkmarks appearing to the right of the course title. Please be patient, the update and email can take several hours.

  3. Take the rules test, BUT please wait until you have the rules to refer to.
    After you have received and read your rule book, come back to the eligibility dashboard and scroll to the “2021 OSAA Soccer Test” or “Examen de Futbol Soccer 2021” line (about halfway down).
    The test is on the NFHS rules with the OSAA adoptions. Make sure to read the OSAA Adopted Soccer Interpretations (also included on a single double-sided sheet of paper in your mailed packet from OSAA).
    When ready, click on the blue “Take test” link.
    The test is
    50 questions. The pass mark for varsity assignments is 75% (38/50); you need a score of at least 90% (45/50) to be eligible to work playoff games.
    The test is open book, and please feel free to ask others for help if needed.
    You may take the test up to
    3 times. If you have not reached 75% / 90% after two attempts, please contact Janet before attempting the test a final time.

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