July 23, 2020

ANNOUNCEMENT regarding 2020 Fall Soccer

Will we have a 2020 high schools soccer season?

OSAA announced yesterday they plan to start the soccer season on September 23, 2020. For latest information, check the OSAA website.

Will MISOA refs still have training requirements?

The big change for this year is that we will NOT hold our annual PreSeason Field Training and Fitness Events due to concerns regarding Covid-19.

However, refs must still complete our annual education requirements. Click here to see the list

  • The Virtual Gold Program is being offered on Thursday nights at 7pm.  Free Zoom account is required.  Best to participate on your desktop or laptop, but OK to use your smartphone!   If you are interested in attending, click here to sign up
  • The NFHS website has soccer specific courses that are free until July 31st.  If you are interested, click this link and use the image below to guide you to the two soccer courses available


Welcome to the MISOA information website!

MISOA (Metropolitan Interscholastic Soccer Officials Association) welcomes men and women interested in providing refereeing services to high school soccer in the Portland, Oregon region. The Association has been active for over thirty years and is a chartered association of the Oregon Schools Activities Association (OSAA). 

The membership profile reflects 130 to 160 individuals representing all walks of life and ages spanning from 18 to more than 50. 

The role of the Association is to: 

  • promote the game of soccer
  • recruit and train soccer referees
  • provide certified soccer referees to client schools
  • act as a technical advisor to OSAA
  • assist in maintaining the games integrity by providing for players’ safety, good sportsmanship and fair and equitable play

The Association has developed a long history of commitment and dedication to high school soccer.  We have worked hard to recruit and train new members each year and have retained the core of our membership for many years.  We recognize that the “love of the game” keeps many referees coming back year after year and we appreciate the hours of time away from careers and family in an effort to provide for quality contests for high school soccer players.

MISOA serves 70+ schools and approximately 275 teams.  Referees, once trained and certified, are assigned games primarily on weekday afternoons and evenings.  East to Sandy, West to Banks, South to Canby, North to St. Helens and all schools in between - that is our coverage area!  Both the boys and girls teams play in the fall, so we are busy from September through mid November supplying referees to just over 2300 games.