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Handy Checklists
 Pre-season checklist  Items to be completed before the start of the season. Includes registration, training, equipment
 Game day checklist
 Summary of items for each game day

External Links
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NFHS National Federation of State High School Associations

NFHS Soccer Rules Test,
NFHS Examen de fútbol soccer
Test in English, examen en español.  You can review your answers by:
1. Going to the Arbiter Testing page
2. Under "NFHS Soccer Rules Exam - Part I" and "NFHS Examen de Fútbol", there is an "Attempts" box, listing each time you took the test. In the Review column, click on "Review Your Test".

OAOA Oregon Athletic Officials Association
OCEP The Officials Certification and Education Program (OCEP)
OCEP has two components: (1) Principles of Officiating and (2) Playoff Certification.
Principles of Officiating component
All MISOA officials, including new MISOA officials, must meet the "Principles" requirement. There are three ways to do this: (1) the on-line NFHS Interscholastic Officiating Course, (2) a live Principles of Officiating Course from any OAOA athletic association, or (3) you were an OSAA-certified official 2005-06 or prior.
Playoff Certification component
This is one (but not the only) requirement for officiating a State Playoff match. To meet this requirement you must have completed a USSF Grade 8 course.
Checking Your OCEP Record
Under Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) and Oregon Athletic Officials Association (OAOA) policy, each individual referee must: (a) make sure that his/her OCEP Compliance Record is accurate and (b) notify OAOA if the record is inaccurate.
To check your record:
1.  Log into the OSAA/OAOA Officiating Central Hub.
2.  Click on the Switch Views near the upper right part of the screen.  
3.  On the pop-up window, click on "Official" to the right of "Misoa-Portland Soccer"
4. On the next screen, click on "Profile"
5. On the next screen (Update My Information), click on Custom Fields (in the left column, close to the top)
6. On the next screen (Edit Custom Fields), scroll down to "Oregon State Central Hub".  It shows OSAA's understanding of your OCEP Principles and Soccer OCEP Playoff Certification ("Soccer OCEP").
If those fields are incorrect, please email OAOA Executive Director Jack Folliard and Associate Executive Director Clark Sanders. (Their addresses are at the top of the OAOA home page).
Oregon Referee Committee USSF Grade 8 courses and other USSF training
OSAA Oregon School Activities Association-governing body of Oregon high school sports
OSAA/OAOA Officiating Central Hub registration and testing for Oregon high school sports officials (via Arbiter)
Oregon Soccer Central Assignments and game reports for MISOA and many other Oregon soccer competitions
OSAA Adopted Soccer Interpretations
OSAA uses various clarifications and modifications to the NFHS rulebook. These are available at this link on the OSAA website.
The OSAA Soccer Rules Test uses these interpretations.